About myself

Some people get pigeonholed into rigid rules. I don’t see myself that way. I believe that merely following a set of norms, doesn't give art a chance to breathe, grow and evolve. I’ve learned that you can’t please everyone and I therefore focus on making good art. Those who like my art, will stick with me.

I was born and then grew up. Along my way I picked up quite a number of important and fruitful experiences. Having lived in various places, I was involved in several catching projects and jobs. And this is where I am now. Remaining true to myself, I will continue catching moments the way I see them.


The photographer

Beda is an editorial and commercial photographer, specialized in portraits and corporate photography. His style underlines energetic and colorful imagery. Running a client-friendly and service-oriented business, he believes that open creativity often is the result of team effort and values built on working closely with his clients. Based in Zurich, Beda and his team are ready to create outstanding visuals for you.


多くの人は硬直した規則にしたがい狭い世界で生活していますが、私の生き方は違います。規則に従うだけでは芸術は成長し発 展することはないと思うのです。

全ての人に満足してもらうことは難しいかも知れませんが私は私の芸術を理解していただける人と共に良質の芸術に専心したい と思っています。

生まれて以来大切で実りのある数々の経験を積んできました。方々の街に住み、いろいろな仕事にも就いて今の私ができあがっ ています。これからも私の方法で瞬間の数々を捉えていきたいです。

私、ベーダは商業写真家として肖像と企業写真を専門にしています。私のスタイルは力強く色彩溢れるイメージを特徴としていま す。開かれた創造性は顧客と共に作り出すものだと信じていますから、顧客に対しとても親切でサービス精神にあふれてい